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Compositing on Xfce: VSync issues

Unfortuantely Xfce's compositor uses Xrender which does not support vertical synchronization. This seems to create a very constant tearing effect in vsynced OpenGL applications. Some drivers like Intel's open source driver or AMD or NVidia's binary blobs manage to force Xrender to vsync but the open source radeon driver doesn't …

Firefox, remote commands and Xfce

I replaced the default browser in Xfce (Settings → Preferred Applications) with a custom Python script to do some additional URL handling. To open a link in Firefox you just have to run firefox -remote OpenURL(<url>) and you can even use it with multiple instances (add -P <profile>).

Using the …

XFCE Screen Brightness Issues

As I didn't want a full blown Desktop Environment like Gnome or KDE on my laptop (which is running ArchLinux), I went with XFCE.

It worked nicely out of the box, except for the screen brightness controls.

The hardware keys don't do anything at all by themselves except for firing …